• ibCom is an Australian pioneer of internet-based enterprise information application services

  • ibCom is owned and operated by engineers who believe deeply in the massive leverage created by focusing on one layer in the stack and providing it as a globally-extensible tool.

  • ibCom is a platform service provider designed so others can use it as the bottom of the pyramid, allowing them to completely focus on the user experience - the top of the pyramid.

  • The service (mydigitalstructure.com) itself sits on top of Amazon Web Services.

  • mydigitalstructure.com is well proven in Australia, with customers ranging from large corporates down to micro businesses – helping all of them manage all the information used to drive their enterprises at a far reduced delivery time and cost.


  • Growing beyond Australia to support global expansion.

  • Raising seed capital to bring on more people to support our distribution partners land beachhead projects.

  • Build strategic relationships with new distributor partners to expand the ibCom community.


  • mydigitalstructure.com as the heart of an ecosystem of information architects/engineers solving real-world enterprise problems with the speed the real world needs.

  • A sustainable competitive advantage through becoming an accepted part of the fabric of the future Internet.


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We have a deep passion to change the way enterprises manage information.