An introduction to understanding modern enterprise apps &

Before we get in to it, let’s take a step back and answer “what is an enterprise?”.

For the purposes of this guide an enterprise is a business, not-for-profit or volunteer organisation where a group of people come together for a common purpose (regardless of size).

Some typical examples, include;

  • sole traders, just wanting to get on with what they love

  • franchisers/franchisees

  • wholesalers dealing with retailers

  • large multi-national corporations trying to deal with many people located in many places doing many different things

  • social entrepreneurs, working in developing nations

  • aid organisations, or any not-for-profit organisation managing activity
SO WHAT IS MYDIGITALSTRUCTURE? is a fully hosted “intelligent information repository” that can be used as the “backbone” of an enterprise.  It covers all the common things that enterprises need to deal with:
  • being found (making sales)

  • engaging customers

  • managing interactions with customers and suppliers

  • products

  • orders

  • projects and tasks

  • news

  • financials, payroll and tax

It is the foundation that will stay with your enterprise forever - holding the core information, even as people come and go.

The demands of managing enterprise information have changed dramatically over the past 30 years, with more information, more sources, more uses/demands and more devices.  For a lot of people trying to run their business it is overwhelming.

Clearly the way of the past hasn’t been entirely successful and a new way is required, that allows enterprises to:

  • focus on its people, products and purpose.

  • not spend a lot of their time “getting the IT to work”.

  • use smart devices (especially touch) and fully hosted services.

This shift in technology use and thinking creates a much simpler enterprise.

COMPARISON TO OTHERS is not alone in this changing landscape.

To put mydigitalstructure in perspective we’ll take a quick look at some other services: Closest “like for like”.  It is highly focused on CRM with add-ons.

mydigitalstructure covers all the business needs.

more about
as an alternative to

Amazon Web Services & Azure Raw computing and storage – a layer below A retail focused accounting package.

Similar to which is based on

Creating something that is great and fit-for-purpose is all about architectural choices.

Key characteristics of a modern architecture:

  • simple – only what you need to get your job done and nothing more
  • adaptable - mydigitalstructure is a “brick that wants to be something” – with it’s knowledge and intelligence of enterprises – it can be used to build many different apps
  • single point of truth - always building off the same core base of information
  • leverage – investing in what you “see and use” at the top of the pyramid and not re-building foundations that have been built many times before.
There are many different ways of building enterprise apps.  Some are “server” focused with “dumb clients”.  Others like mydigitalstructure are “client” focused, where both the client and service are intelligent.  Similar to the difference between the orginal mobile phones (all the intelligence was in the network) and smart phones (the intelligence is shared).

mydigitalstructure is a proprietary fully hosted service in which the apps created on top of it (by others) can be built using open or proprietary methods – given the framework is non-prescriptive.

With all the focus now on the top of the pyramid, a builder of apps can use other pre-built frameworks (like using pre-built windows etc in building a house) – to make their assembly work faster.

App builders are moving from low-level programmers and becoming high-level designers and assemblers.

Building your first app.

Sign up is free for a developer – once you have your own space, you can start building.

You can use any framework and tools that you wish to build with, but to get going quickly you can use:

Text editor
for coding Javascript, HTML & CSS
Sublime Text 2.0
Image editor
for creating creative elements
Photoshop Express
Web browser
for running and debugging the app.
Chrome with developer tools turned on 

Getting started guide