ibCom is solely focused on providing a fully managed self-service enterprise grade webapi and platform.

Enterprise architects, engineers, system integrators, developers and alike, can then use it as a well-proven platform to quickly build modern enterprise apps...

Enterprises are demanding better and faster IT solutions & keeping good developers is getting harder.

The breadth and simplicity of mydigitalstructure as a service enables access to markets (demand & supply) that are unprofitable with complex application and hardware architectures.

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time to ship
Build annuity revenues Add more
The platform is
well proven
& ready to go.
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Deliver exactly what the client wants.

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1. Identify the enterprise needs and user stories.
2. Build the UI & flow, based on existing open source assets.
3. Sync with the users for user experience feedback.
4. Map/bind to the mydigitalstructure endpoints for persistance (json/xml streams).
5. Sync with the users for testing.
6. Ship! - as in stop developing and let the users start using it.
7. Incrementally improve and add value.

Lean, mean and agile...


1. An open common standard allows light-weight fast moving integrators to engage with heavier slower moving corporate enterprises without the loss of developers through stagnation - innovate, deliver, handoff & move on...
2. Deliver using rapid bootstrap methodologies, without the inherent support headaches - keeping developers engaged and on the edge, without the pain!

Uses & architecture

Not all clouds are created equal!

The shifting centre

Hidden mechanisms

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